What LinkedIn Doesn’t Tell You

Kip Durney is SONOS and Apple Music obsessed, loves tech, social media, live music, gadgets and BBQ with a penchant for sarcastic shenanigans and an over-reliance on Apple and Yeti products.  He has, at various points in his life, been a pepperoni pizza maker, stood on the corner of a shady Somerville neighborhood in a clown suit for no socially acceptable reason, and acted on-stage as a fiercely passive bailiff in a mock trial.

Kip writes cathartically and continues to unsuccessfully implore his kids to get off their electronics! He’s written the Tubalub blog for Boston.com and dabbles on the Twitter as @KipDurney.

He and his wife Val are the proud parents of 3 amazing children and a 110lb domesticated pony/labrador mix.  He makes insanely delicious mashed potatoes and sometimes dances wildly and un-apologetically in front of his kids just to embarrass them especially in front of their friends.

Life is short.
Be good at what you do.
Have awesome friends.
Love your family.
Don’t wait to do what you can do now.
And above all, have fun.