By Day

Kip Durney is a product management-type guy at CRICO with a penchant for sarcastic shenanigans and an over-reliance on Apple products.  He has, at various points in his life, been a pepperoni pizza maker, stood on the corner of a shady Somerville neighborhood in a clown suit for no acceptable reason, and acted on stage as a fiercely passive bailiff in a mock trial.

By Night

Kip writes and implores his kids to STOP TALKING and go to sleep! He’s written the Tubalub blog for Boston.com and dabbles on the Twitter as @KipDurney.

Kip is also the loving husband of an immensely smart and beautiful woman as well as the father of 3 semi-humans and one Labrador Retriever.  He makes insanely delicious mashed potatoes and dances wildly and apologetically with his kids as if nobody is watching.  No judging.